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(239) 451-1096

Surface Works Of Florida

1173 Industrial Blvd,

Naples, FL





Surface Works of Florida beatifies existing structural concrete. Our crack incorporation system is the perfect solution to ugly, cracked concrete. Our surfaces are beautiful, low-maintenance, durable and slip-resistant. 


We specifically invented our crack incorporation system to address the problem of cracked concrete. With this system, we incorporate, or place, structural cracks into the grout lines between our stones. The structural cracks then virtually disappear into one of our random stone designs. Without this system, any overlay will definitely crack wherever structural cracks exist. 


Our surfaces are beautiful. Our unique color system permits us to color design up to five colors from a palette of over 2,500 colors into your surface. Our artisans' decades of experience and expertise permit us to color blend a 'bouquet' of colors at your home. 


Our surfaces are durable. They can handle vehicles weighing more than 40,000 pounds. They are also low maintenance. Most dirt, mud, dust and stains simply hose away. 'They are also very mold and mildew resistant. Our sealers protect the colors from fading. 


Our surfaces are also slip resistant. They are perfect for wet areas such as pool decks.

In fact, we also install safety surfaces for high-slip areas such as oily floors. 

We continually experiment with new materials and techniques to lead our industry.

In fact, we custom formulate most of our products as they are not available. 


Should you want to beautify your concrete, please call (239) 451-1096 or

(239) 331-8207. You may view over 140 samples at our studio at 1173 Industrial Blvd. Naples, Florida 34104.


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